FastSpring changelog
FastSpring changelog

June 2022: FastSpring Product Updates




Free Trial Without Payment Method: We’ve continued to iterate on our Trial Without Payment Method features. In addition to updated support for payments in our web storefront, we now allow buyers to automatically convert from a manual subscription (needs payment entry on a monthly basis) to an automatic subscription renewal. This can be done by buyers saving their payment details within the account management portal or at purchase when entering their payment details in the web storefront by checking the “save payment details” box.

We have further enhanced Trial Without Payment so buyers can see their billing terms within the web storefront. This clarifies to buyers when their next billing date is and exactly how much they will be charged.

Embedded Checkout Embedded checkout beta is now live for select sellers! This gives them the ability to add an inline checkout to a seller-hosted webpage with support for both dark and light mode along with the full FastSpring checkout functionality including: Payment Methods, Localization, Risk & Fraud Protection, Global Tax Collection & Remittance, and PCI/PSD2 Compliance.




Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug in Popup checkout where cart quantity modifications were unlocked for products that were quantity locked.

  • Cleaned up our pricing code to support more VAT use cases when stores are in NET mode and utilize our volume discounts.

  • Clarified our Postal Code collection field for Canadian buyers. Previously we asked for "zip code" and now we ask for "postal code".

  • Fixed a bug where the quantity field for custom order items was too small.

  • Fixed a bug in which the state/region field was blank when copying an order to a new custom order.

  • Fixed a bug where Digital Invoicing Quotes were displaying incorrect values after the trial period.

  • Fixed a bug for very rare cases in which coupons were deducted from quotes twice.

  • Fixed a bug where Tax Exemption ID wouldn't show on invoices for some orders.

  • Fixed a bug for certain transactions where orders were attributed incorrectly to the wrong seller.

  • Fixed a pricing bug affecting certain German transactions processed in USD.

  • Fixed a bug where some renewal dates in the AM portal were displayed incorrectly.

  • Fixed a bug causing certain Store Builder Library (SBL) payloads to throw an address validation error.

  • Fixed a bug with NPE when triggering webhooks for API quotes.

  • Fixed a bug within webhooks regarding tax calculation.

  • Fixed a bug in which a 500 internal server error was returned when a POST call with a nonexistent subscription ID was called.

  • Fixed a bug where the “Pay Now” button was incorrectly displaying VAT/Tax calculations in the account management portal with certain subscriptions.

  • Fixed a bug in the Popup checkout where the Continue and Download button settings were not being applied.

  • Fixed a bug in which the “Gift Purchase” checkbox was displayed incorrectly in certain subscription trial conversions.

  • Fixed a bug for very rare cases in which Account Management was incorrectly handling taxes.