FastSpring changelog
FastSpring changelog

May 2022: FastSpring Product Updates




Free Trial Without Payment Method: Available now, Trial Without Payment Method extends all the FastSpring subscription management functionality to free trials without requiring collection of a payment method. To further support free trials, we also offer a paid trial feature that allows businesses to offer a paid trial that can automatically convert into a full subscription at the end of the trial period.

Documentation is available at:

Popup Cart Quantity Field: We have updated the quantity field in the Popup Checkout Cart to allow numbers to be entered as well as the ability to use the + and - buttons to increase and decrease quantity respectively, thereby improving the customer experience for buyers purchasing a large quantity of items. A maximum value of 9999 can be entered into the quantity field.

GA4: Google Analytics 4 is replacing Universal Analytics. On July 1, 2023, standard universal Analytics properties will no longer process data. As such, we now support GA4 codes within our Google Analytics integration. Customers should only enter their GA4 property IDs when they are ready. For more information, here is a migration guide from Google:




Payment Approvals: To continue to improve approval rates, we have migrated existing subscriptions based in the UK to our new merchant account in the UK.

Webhooks: We now provide additional card data in the webhook and API for declined transactions.

Here is an example:

If the payment method is CC and the decline reason is “do not honor”, then the webhook and API will send the following additional information:

“Expiry”: “12/25”

“cardEnding”: “1234”

“cardType”: “VISA”

Platform Pricing Logic: General improvements to platform pricing logic and stability.



  • Bug Fixes:

Fixed a bug causing some buyers to receive duplicate order and subscription emails in certain cases.

  • Fixed an issue where select subscriptions were pushed into dunning prematurely in certain cases.

  • Fixed an issue with PayPal where certain buyers were redirected to the Account Management Portal instead of the order completion page.

  • Fixed an issue with setting the default payment method in the Account Management Portal.

  • Fixed an error when localizing price through Store Builder Library (SBL), where an invalid zip resulted in errors.

  • Fixed an issue with webhooks firing in certain tax refund situations when they shouldn’t.

  • Improved retry logic for bank transfers.

  • Fixed a pricing bug in our DI quoting tool that misapplied net pricing (tax exclusive) as gross pricing (tax inclusive).

  • Fixed an error that occurred in certain cases when a buyer attempted to create a quote directly from the Popup Checkout.

  • Fixed an issue where some iDeal orders were not completing automatically.

  • Updated translations for test emails.