FastSpring changelog
FastSpring changelog

Q1 Major Releases - April 8, 2021





Our Q1 product update was released on April 8, 2021 and includes the following improvements to the platform:

  • Mailchimp Integration - Sellers can now use Mailchimp for features like cart abandonment more reliably. Previously, the Mailchimp v3 API was experiencing intermittent gaps on our platform and Sellers were not able to get all of the marketing data they expected. We’ve now improved validation to better determine if and when a cart has been abandoned.
  • New Reseller Store Experience - Resellers and Split Payees now have access to the newest version of the FastSpring App. These users will be able to access their store and accounts via and use the new user interface. By migrating our reseller experience, we can begin adding new features and enhancements based on your feedback.

Changes based on your feedback:

  • We extended the session timeout interval on to 12 hours. Previously, the FastSpring App would time out very quickly and require users to log in again if they briefly stopped activity.
  • We changed the payment method we used to call “PO” and “Purchase Order” to “Invoice” across our checkout and the FastSpring App to reduce any confusion around this payment option.

Fixes in our Contextual platform:

  • A small number of non-US Sellers were seeing incorrect calculations on volume-based discounts, which was leading to higher discounts than intended. We quickly fixed this issue and customers should now see appropriate discounts when a volume discount is being applied.
  • Stores in non-US countries were not able to purchase products as gifts through our platform. We improved validation to ensure that a postal code is collected for gift purchases for all supported countries.
  • Web Storefront content was cutting off footer content. We improved the styling to ensure the footer renders as expected.
  • Custom Orders of Digital Only products were incorrectly showing price when Buyers switched countries. The platform will now recalculate custom order tax after the customer has entered their payment address to ensure we are calculating price and tax accurately.
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain credit cards to get blocked for 24 hours after receiving a soft decline from the card-issuing bank on both the original attempt and backup attempt through our backup processor. This impacted transactions from February 23rd through April 8th.
  • Secure call discounts were being calculated incorrectly, causing products to be discounted at higher rates and prices to be lower than intended. We added validation to ensure prices are correct after a discount is applied.

Fixes in our Classic platform:

  • Classic Stores in gross pricing mode were adding tax to digital and physical products for Buyers in the United Kingdom, Australia, and European Union. The platform will now recalculate custom order tax after the Consumer has entered the payment address.
  • Sellers trying to use Create Order/ Option 6 style links were unable to complete sales because it referenced an insecure URL using the http protocol, which was leading to a 400 (Bad Request) error. We’ve fixed this by replacing the http protocol with a secure https protocol.

Digital Invoicing Early Access Improvements:

  • Quote webhooks tags were labeled as "attributes", which many Sellers noted were confusing. We updated the label to now say “tags”.
  • We improved how we display VAT exemption (zero-rated tax) on our Buyer Quote and Seller Quote views. Previously, the tax was subtracted from the Gross subtotal resulting in the total value. Based on your feedback, zero-rated tax is now displayed as a zero line item.
  • Quote webhooks were not supporting coupons and discounts as they were being applied to quotes, which created the possibility for incorrect reporting information. Quote webhooks now include the correct payload on coupons and discounts.