FastSpring changelog
FastSpring changelog






  • Subscription Pause: Sellers can now allow their buyers to Pause subscriptions from the Account Management Portal, directly from the App, or through our API. Pause can be an effective tactic for deflecting churn. Learn more here about how to configure this in the Account Management Portal, or Pause subscriptions through our API.

Changes based on your feedback:

  • Tax Withholding reporting: Sellers can configure webhooks to notify them when a transaction is eligible for Withholding Tax. Sellers can also see Withholding Tax in the following exports: Order Export, Order Item Export, Base Order Item Export, Account Order Item Export.



Bugs fixed:

  • Subscription details: Bug fixed that caused an error when trying to view subscription details.
  • Account Management Portal subscription start date: Bug fixed that caused an incorrect subscription start date to show.
  • Account Management Portal translations: Updated grammar on French translations on the Orders page of the Account Management Portal.
  • Dropbox: File fulfillment through Dropbox resulted in an error. This has now been fixed.
  • Webhooks: Webhook payloads were not updating when subscription is changed. This is now fixed.