FastSpring changelog
FastSpring changelog





Changes based on your feedback:

  • Coupon limits for DI: Digital Invoicing now supports the ability to limit a coupon (e.g., if a quote with one use limit is accepted and paid then that coupon is no longer available)
  • ADA Accessibility: We have made several enhancements to the Web Storefront and Popup checkouts to support ADA requirements, including support for screen readers for visually impaired.
  • Support Community Single Sign On (SSO): Users can now use their FastSpring login credentials to access the Support Community.
  • Tax exempt data: Added tax exempt data to webhooks and APIs with applicable.
  • Withholding Tax webhook: Sellers will now be notified of withholding tax is applied to a payout. We added a sub-object to the webhook that will show whether any withholdings were assessed; and if true, then the amount, currency, and the percentage will be shared.

Keeping you compliant:

  • Tax ID on invoices: In certain countries the Tax ID is required on invoices. This is known as an “Invoice Disclosure”. We already did this in many countries, including the EU, and with this change we have added several countries (e.g., Australia, Canada, South Korea, and South Africa).



Bug fixes:

  • Billing terms hyperlink: The billing terms hyperlink on pop-up checkout was not displaying specific dates for billing terms, but rather generic subscription information. This is now fixed.
  • Tax exemption in Quotes: When a buyer added a VAT exemption ID at checkout and then generated a quote they were able to remove VAT a second time when they checked out after accepting and paying for that quote. This was fixed so that once the VAT exemption ID is added in checkout and a quote is generated then buyers will no longer see the option to add a VAT ID when they check out from the quote.
  • Tax exemption in Popup: In Popup, a buyer was able to enter their US tax ID before their postal code, which caused an error. Now buyers can enter their Tax ID before or after the postal code without issues.
  • “Awaiting Payment” order due dates: Certain orders that were “Awaiting Payment” showed incorrect due dates. This is now fixed.
  • Account Management Portal performance: We have improved the performance of our Account Management Portal and added pagination when there are more than 15 orders or subscriptions.
  • Duplicate orders: Fixed a bug where we showed two orders for one payment.
  • Reseller tax: Tax was being charged on certain reseller orders. This has now been fixed. Custom Order coupons: Custom Orders w/ 100% off coupon would not complete checkout when "Force Address Collection" is on. This has been fixed.
  • Trial cancellations: Some canceled trials were not deactivating at the end of the trial. This is now fixed. Payment method updates: Some Contextual subscriptions were not allowing buyers to update their payment method. This is now fixed.
  • PayPal postal code field: In the Popup checkout, postal code is hidden for certain physical products when PayPal is selected. This has been fixed.
  • Multi-discount coupons: Multi-discount coupons being applied via Seller app (Orders -> Subscriptions) were not being appropriately applied to the subscription. This has now been fixed.
  • Virtual Products: Canadian tax displayed as $0.00 on checkout but charged fully upon completing order. This has been fixed.
  • Volume discounts: Fixed a bug preventing the proper volume discounts from resulting when a subscription is changed in the Account Management Portal or via API.