FastSpring changelog
FastSpring changelog






  • SEPA: Give European buyers what they want! SEPA is one of the most popular payment methods across Europe, and it is now available in 9 countries through your FastSpring checkout: Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Lithuania, Estonia and Portugal. Learn more here.
  • Risk improvements: Added new data points that we feed into our machine learning risk model, so that we reduce the number of false positives.

Changes based on your feedback:

  • Withholding Tax API: The GET /Orders API did not contain withholding information. We added withholding information to the GET /orders API responses. We are supporting the multiple iterations of the API - product path, date range, product path & date range; end date; and with returns only. If there was no tax withholding, we are still adding a boolean that says taxWithholding = FALSE; but not including any other data such as currency, amount, or percentage.
  • Withholding Tax for refunds: Sellers can now understand if a refund has Withholding Tax associated with it via webhook. We added a Withholding area to the return.created webhook. It includes a boolean about whether the return has withholding or not; if the boolean is True, we will include currency, amount, and percentage rate. If it's False, we'll just include the boolean indicating that TaxWithholding is FALSE.



Bug fixes:

  • Account Management Portal subscription management: Increasing quantity of a subscription threw unexpected errors in certain cases when clicking the “Pay Now” button. This has now been fixed. VAT checkout: We fixed a bug where the total amount was incorrect for certain tax exempt orders when a product level discount was applied.
  • VAT on shipping charges: Taxes were missing from shipping charges on certain orders in the Classic Store. VAT exemption: VAT was still being charged despite VAT exemption on certain orders when store was in gross pricing mode. This has been fixed. Popup Checkout country selector: The Popup Checkout country selector was ignoring certain settings. This has been fixed.
  • Subscription add-ons: We fixed a bug that caused an error when applying a discount to a subscription's add-on product.
  • Account Management Portal: Fixed a bug where the "View Details" link did not take the buyer to appropriate subscription when the subscription was on page 2, 3, etc. Coupon: Fixed a bug that occurred when applying a coupon with discount duration = 0 to a subscription shows undiscounted price.
  • German language: "Test2" appeared on language box when Deutsch was set as the preferred language. This has been fixed.