FastSpring changelog
FastSpring changelog






  • Revenue Overview analytics dashboard beta release: This is an initial release that is not yet broadly available. If you have interest in getting early access, please reach out to

Changes based on your feedback:

  • Subscription reports: Sellers can now create subscription history reports.



Bug fixes:

  • German language: Improper capitalization of "Alle" in German popup. This has been fixed.
  • Duplicate emails: Certain buyers cited receiving duplicate order and subscription emails. This has been fixed.
  • iDeal transactions: Fixed a bug causing iDeal orders from completing automatically. One-time setup fee: One-time setup fee was shown on some manual renewal orders. This has been fixed.
  • Coupon: When a coupon discount duration is 3, sometimes the periods were not honored and extra discounted charges were made. This has been fixed.
  • PayPal button in Popup Checkout: The “Pay” button was grayed out when PayPal was selected by buyers in Canada.
  • Resuming a paused subscription: We fixed a but causing an error message that said, "Next subscription charge is not due yet" when trying to resume a paused subscription.