FastSpring changelog
FastSpring changelog





Changes based on your feedback:

  • Short paid orders: Historically when buyers delivered a payment that was less than the full amount due, the order would not be automatically completed, which caused several issues like delayed or stalled fulfillment. This was often related to wires where an intermediary bank was involved and charged an unforeseen fee. The default minimum is $20 or 2%, whichever is lower, but sellers can also define how much they are willing to accept below the full order value in order to streamline their operations and keep fulfillment on time and automated. We will allow this at the company level - this can be updated in the Account Summary > Product Ordering Terms section. The Order Details page will now show a Settlement Amount and a Settlement Discrepancy amount when there is a discrepancy.



Bug fixes:

  • Outbound bcc: We’ve removed the "Outbound bcc address" option.